Malpraxis Insurance

Brief description of the product

Coverage of the material damages, which are a direct consequence of the medical malpractices of the medical staff, pharmaceutical staff or health sanitary institution. The insurance policy covers all damages, both isolated and multiple and successive ones, which occurred as a result of the medical malpractice.

Object of insurance

The object of insurance is the property interest of the Insured, related to the legal liability for the damage incurred unintentionally on the third persons as a result of the medical malpractice in the course of professional activity during the period of validity of the insurance contract.

Subject of insurance

This type of policy is meant for the medical and sanitary staff, physicians, medical assistants, dental technicians, nurses, pharmacists and drugstore assistants, as well as for the biologists and biochemists working at the health sanitary institutions.

Main risks

Amount insured

Sum, which is declared by the Insured upon insurance contract conclusion, which s/he insures his/her professional liability with and within the limits of which the Insurer bears liability insurance.

Insurance premium

The insurance tariff varies in dependence of the liability limit, in conformity with Annex #1.


Republic of Moldova.


Not applicable.