MTPL insurance

Motor vehicle liability insurance 

Brief description of the product

A contract concluded on the basis of Law #414-XVI dated December 22, 2006 on Third-Party Liability Insurance against the Damages Caused by Motor Vehicles, between a motor vehicle owner and an insurance company, for the single purpose of compensation to the third persons suffering damages as a result of road accidents.

Object of insurance

Third-party liability of the motor vehicle owner for any damage or bodily injury caused due to a motor vehicle accident within the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Subject of insurance

Individuals and legal entities owning/using motor vehicles to be registered in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, including persons entering the internal territory on the motor vehicles registered abroad.

Main risks

Damages, which the Insured is liable for  before the damaged third persons, on the legal basis.

Amount insured

  • 1 million lei per victim, or 5 million lei, regardless of the number of victims, in case of bodily injuries
  • 1 million lei, regardless of the number of victims, in case of material damages

Insurance premium

Pursuant to the Methodology for calculation of the basic insurance premium (constituting 715 MDL) and of the correcting factors for mandatory third-party liability insurance against the damages caused by motor vehicles, including:

  • Type of the motor vehicle
  • Territory of use thereof
  • Age and driving experience
  • Type of the contract
  • Place of registration
  • Legal status, etc.


Republic of Moldova.