Accident insurance

Accident insurance 

Brief description of the product

Coverage of the expenses related to treatment, hospitalization, surgical interventions, daily allowances, etc. arising as a result of an event regarded as a sudden (unexpected) external action on the Insured’s organism and accompanied by traumas, lesions, maiming or other health problems leading to disablement, either temporary, or permanent one, or to death of the Insured.

Object insured

Temporary or permanent disablement or death of the Insured as a result of an accident.

Subject insured

Any person able to conclude an contract.

Main risks

Amount insured

To be established upon Parties’ consent, in monetary equivalent.

Insurance premium

0.7% to 1.5% of the amount insured, this being determined by: person’s age, professional occupation, number of persons included in the contract, etc.


Republic of Moldova


Not applicable.

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