TRAVEL insurance

Health insurance 

Brief description of the product

Coverage of such risks of unforeseen accident and/or diseases that happen to the Insured during the period of insurance and impose provision of emergency medical services offered abroad.

Object of insurance

Life and health of the persons going temporarily abroad; unforeseen expenses of the Insured, resulting from a sudden disease and/or an accident within the territorial limits of insurance.

Subject of insurance

Any person going temporarily abroad and having the domicile or residence in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, subject to the age limit of up to 80.

Main risks

Category A:

a) Medical expenses for outpatient and/or inpatient treatment of the Insured
b) Repatriation expenses

Extra risks

Category B: includes Category A, and additionally:

a) Staying at the inpatient department longer than a day, including the expenses for nutrition, admission to hospital and fees of the medical staff

b) Unforeseen transport expenses


  • Territory 1: CIS countries
  • Territory 2: Georgia, Egypt; Turkey,Tunisia
  • Territory 3: Europe, Schengen Area
  • Territory 4: China, Korea, United Arab Emirates
  • Territory 5: All countries of the world
  •  5.000 USD
from 0.20 USD per day
  • 10.000 USD
from 0.35 USDper day
  • 30.000 EUR/USD
from 0.30 EUR/USD per day
  • 30.000 USD
from 0.49 USD per day
  • 60.000 USD
de la 0,85 USD/zi

Remark: In case of insurance of the persons going temporarily abroad and having multiple entries and exits, there shall be applied special tariffs valid during a maximum period of 365 days, provided that the period of staying abroad makes 90, 120 and 180 days.


Not applicable.

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